Easy Mortgage Calculator 

With this simulator you can make forecast calculations regarding the term, the instalment payments and the amount to request, thereby enabling you to both choose and know how much you will be paying for your mortgage loan.


Loan Amount: Euros
Nominal interest rate: %
Instalments: Euros



With the calculator you can make all the possible hypothetical calculations regarding your mortgage loan. It allows you to make calculations with respect to any of the four loan variables by indicating three of them.

Enter your information without full stops, the calculator will do that for you.

Loan amount:
Enter the loan amount you wish to apply for, using a comma to separate the euros from the cents.

Example: €175.000,00

Enter the term of your mortgage loan in years.

Example: 20. If you want to enter a term in months click on the pull-down menu and select “months”. Then enter the term of your loan in months.

Nominal interest rate:
Enter the interest rate on your mortgage loan.

Example: 4,5 or 4,75

Enter the amount that the loan holder(s) have agreed to pay, using a comma to separate the euros from the cents.

Example: €1107,14

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