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Are you ever wondering why your property is not selling? It’s been on the market for a long time now and not so much as a ‘HELLO' How much? From a prospective buyer.

Let’s be honest, maybe it’s your property, its long overdue for a health check and needs a quick overall to freshen up the paint or fix that gate or the roof tiles that you have just not bothered to do anything about. “Sell as is” really doesn’t work any more. First impressions still count, and you will only get that client to cross the threshold if the outside is looking good. Sometimes the home owner needs an objective view from a third party, you’ve been living there too long and have acquired the “ Can’t see the wood from the trees” syndrome, so in order to fully maximise your chances of selling (or renting) your home at the best price. Why not give us a call for an informal chat to discuss ways of getting your property back on the wanted list. Call the House Doctor....

Just a few suggestions of what best to do to have that property looking good before you put it on the market, you need to prepare it for sale, and spent a little time getting it right. The suggestions below are mainly aimed at 1st home property owners wishing to sell and owners interesting in renting their properties.

  • Get rid of, or store those unused items, kids toys, those paintings you never got round to hang and anything that does not look right, store it. Make sure all cupboards are well organized. Clean out the garage and get rid of all that junk that has been accumulating over the years.
  • Try to not over do the presence of family photographs or any personal items.
  • The outside is where it starts, if the gate is properly bolted on and the garden is nicely kept and the exterior paint work looks like it’s just been painted, then you have a good chance they’re want to see the rest of the property, first impressions are very important.
  • Now once in, your hall way is your invitation card, make sure there is lots of light, no smelly smells, and the décor should be neutral. Try to avoid bright colours even in the kids bedrooms, the right colour scheme can help the people visiting your house imagine themselves living there.
  • Keep you home clean, light and airy and well ventilated especially if you are smokers. Lots of homes have not sold because they reeked of tobacco.
  • Your lounge and dining rooms should be organised and not overly furnished, today with the Feng Shui influence 'minimum' is best, especially in the warmer climes. The colour scheme should match and should be subtly noticeable and not over done.
  • Get rid of those worn and tatty items that have seen better days, wear and tear are killers, sometimes it’s worth spending on new furniture to impress, you can always take them with you when you sell.
  • The first impression of the kitchen has to be cleanliness, and remembering to remove traces of everyday chores, washing up, ironing board, etc, and avoid any hint of personalisation, be sure to have new handles and knobs on the doors.
  • If you are lucky enough to have pool, make sure it is well maintained and clean, again with the garden it has to be well cared for and looked after.

The most common mistake when putting property on the market is to do so without any real thought or with the idea that 'sell as is, and make me an offer'. You need to prepare your property for the sale.

To get in the House Doctor to give you a professional view on how to maximise on your selling price or too prepare your property for the rental market. Please fill in the form for a visit.

We also do Property Inspections (snagging) for owners that have bought off-plan to check to see if the Developers have actually worked to specification and finished as agreed. Please fill in the form for more information.

If you are building a house or buying off-plan and need to have an independent progress report, we can be your 'eyes and ears' and record all progress of the project giving pictorial evidence of each stage, reports can be sent to you on a monthly bases. Please fill in the form for more information.

Thinking of renting your property and need a proper inventory taken with digital photographs Please fill in the form for a visit.

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